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 The spectacular rise of the two suns of alpha Centauri as seen from the artist Don Davis

 Welcome at alpha Centauri
                                                                       So far, no human being has been there.
                                                                       But we know already some details about these
                                                                       three suns which we see in the Southern sky as
                                                                       one bright star. I'm sure, the day isn't so far, when
                                                                       we will have to search for habitable planets at
                                                                       alpha Centauri. I dare say, the extension of longlivety will
                                                                        force us to travel that far.
Welcome in 2050
                                                                       when men count more than ten billion,
                                                                       when longlivety makes mankind multiply from day to day,
                                                                       when almost all products for human welfare run short,
                                                                       when ruthless companies try to run the world.

You and I, how will we live in the middle of this century?

Honestly, I don’t know, but here is a guess:
In the labs all over the world engineers, scientists and many others are working to improve our future living conditions.

For example, by 2050 production of energy on oil, gas and coal will be replaced by solar satellites. And if you, then, in 2050, look to the southern sky you may be aware of some sparkling objects glimmering like jewels on a girl’s necklace. These glimmering objects are wide stretching fields gathering solar energy twenty-four hours a day. They are transmitting microwave energy to receiver-stations on Earth to be converted into electrical energy.
You think that’s fancy?

Not at all! Click here

By 2050, there will be enough safe and clean energy to ease our lives. Machines, computers, nano-sponsored androids will perform many kinds of labour.

In the labs scientists and engineers work intensely to extend our individual lives - not for two or ten years - No,  but rather to extend human life for a hundred years – not in a distant future but already by 2050.

Now you want to close this site, because you are sure, this author is a lunatic. Please read on: Today we know the main factor that causes aging.
In 2009 the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded jointly to Elizabeth H. Blackburn, Carol W. Greider and Jack W. Szostak for identifying the substance telomerase as the enzyme delaying cellular senescence.

To read more about this process click here

Please have a look to the interview of David Jay Brown of PBS with Dr. Fossel, author of Reversing Human Aging. He believes that we are only around a decade away from a truly remarkable form of anti-aging therapy that holds the promise of perpetually renewable youth.

To read about Fossels thesis click here

Thus, cheep energy and longer healthy life will be established in the middle of this century.
Does this mean we will live, finally, in a perfect world?

Oh not at all! Great social difficulties will arise. Imagine the ever rising number of humans who want to be fed, educated, and entertained; imagine the crowds that are using up the ever more short-coming residual products.

These facts, longevity and almost unlimited access to energy are some ingredients of my novels which describe our world in the second half of this century, when overpopulation and the strive for food and metal will force mankind to build towns deep under the moon's surface and to explore planets at our closest star, alpha Centauri for habitable planets.

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